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What is a Responsible Human Being?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Fourth Conversation with Dr Allan W. Anderson in San Diego

Tuesday, February 19, 1974

  • Fourth conversation with Dr. Allan W. Anderson
  • What is responsibility in human relationship?
  • What is your responsibility for human growth, human culture, human goodness?
  • What is your responsibility to the earth?
  • When you feel responsible for a child there is a flowering of real affection and care and you don't train him or condition him to kill another for the sake of your country.
  • Human beings are now conditioned to be irresponsible.
  • What are the serious people going to do with the irresponsible people?
  • If you show me how irresponsible I am, what responsibility means you care for me.
  • When there is total responsibility in which freedom and care go together the mind has no image in relationship at all.

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