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The Nature and Total Eradication of Fear   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Sixth Conversation with Dr. Allan W. Anderson in San Diego

Wednesday, February 20, 1974

  • Sixth conversation with Dr. Allan W. Anderson
  • Q: Can the mind be free of fear?
  • Physical fears and psychological fears are interrelated.
  • There are conscious as well as unconscious fears.
  • Fears that the mind itself has produced, has cultivated. The racial fears, the fears that society has taught me the fears that the family, the neighbor, has imposed all those crawling, ugly, brutal things that are hidden how can they all come up naturally and be exposed so that the mind sees them completely?
  • What is the answer to this fact of fear which has been carried on from generation to generation?
  • Is there a way of dealing with fear not with the branches of it, but with the root of it? Behind the words, the descriptions, the explanations, what is fear?

Series: A Wholly Different Way of Living

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