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The art of questioning   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Seminar Meeting at Brockwood Park

Tuesday, September 12, 1978

  • Q: How can one be a light to oneself?
  • Most of us are slaves, either to religious concepts, beliefs and symbols, or to some kind of experience, to institutions and images. One is caught in a routine, which prevents freedom.
  • How can I understand the depth of myself without understanding how the mind has become dependent? Do you question the way you live your life - why you think this, why you do that, why you have certain reactions? Do you question the whole thing?
  • Can I differentiate the word from the fact? How can one approach something without any knowledge? How do I actually approach a problem? Can we find out the right way of questioning so that intelligence can arise?

Series: How can one be a light to oneself if there is any kind of dependence?

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