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The Art of Listening   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Dialogue with Five Teachers at Brockwood Park

Saturday, June 23, 1979

  • Third Dialogue with five Teachers
  • What is the relationship between a teacher and a student, when both realize that they are conditioned?
  • That we, as human beings wherever we live, are conditioned by society, culture and religion. And part of that conditioning is ambition, which expresses itself in the desire for success.
  • Is conditioning self-centredness?
  • If I am prejudiced, if I have a certain point of view and stick to it.
  • I can't listen to you. You may be contradicting my point of view and so I won't listen.
  • So if I can learn the art of listening, I would solve many problems.
  • If you are passionately involved, not verbally but wholly, in what you are saying you are saying your very passion makes me listen to you.

Series: How can we help the student to understand the nature of conditioning

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