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Second Public Question and Answer at Brockwood Park - 1985   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Question and Answer Meeting at Brockwood Park

Thursday, August 29, 1985

  • Is it possible to be totally free of influence, to find the origin, the beginning of all things?
  • Q1: Is there a faculty to see that there is no path to truth outside myself? What will give me the need, the energy to move in this direction?
  • Q2: I am afraid to change. If I change, what will happen afterwards?
  • Q3: How does one meet aggression and psychological attack from a close relative from whom one cannot escape?
  • Q4: What do you say to people who seem to pick parts of what you say that fits their problems or interest and then discard the rest?
  • Q5: There are many accounts of people following a particular discipline who come upon the immeasurable. Are they self-deluded, or have they come to this somehow despite their efforts?

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