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Reading the book of mankind   

Saturday, December 18, 1982

  • Small Group Discussion
  • As a human being, do you admit or see the truth that you are the result of the history of the world and that you hold the whole human heritage and the vast, complex book of the story of man?
  • What is the instrument with which I read that book?
  • Take any factor like sorrow. In investigating my sorrow, my loneliness, which I have been scrupulously keeping in my courtyard, my private ground, there is the discovery that it is the rest of man. All men are lonely, all people suffer.
  • As long as the brain is conditioned it can never understand the immensity of the nature of the mind.
  • Thought can never be free from its limitation because it is born out of limitation.
  • Is there a movement of all the senses, total senses, without the interference of thought?
  • When there is the heightened excellency of the senses, the senses are not aware that they are aware.
  • The story of mankind is an endless movement. It has no beginning and no end.
  • Love has no end. I may love my wife. She dies or I die, but the thing called love has no end. But I have identified myself with my wife and when she dies my love has gone -- or I love somebody else, which then becomes pleasure.
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