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Pain is a Reaction to Attachement   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Fifth Seminar Meeting at Brockwood Park

Sunday, September 17, 1978

  • Q: Can we observe the actual implication, the actuality of attachement ?
  • One is attached to one's experience. There is holding on to the knowledge, the memory of it - holding on, never letting go. Can you watch that, and let the story involved in that reveal itself ?
  • Can you let the thing that you are watching tell its story, rather than you tell it? Like a flower, when you watch it very closely you see everything in its detail, the beauty of the whole thing. Can we watch attachement in the same way? Is there an observation of this happening, the actual state and the nature of it, instantly, not letting thought wipe it away or distort it?
  • Why is it that we find it so difficult to remain with a fact?

Series: How can one be a light to oneself if there is any kind of dependence?

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