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Order has its own law   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Public Talk in Ojai, California

Sunday, April 9, 1972

  • Sanity is order. This order comes about naturally, without any effort, if we understand disorder.
  • Action can only take place when you see actually the nature of disorder in one's own life, which is causing such havoc. What you are, you project in the world.
  • Observation through an image is a wastage of energy, and you need energy to change 'what is'.
  • How is one to live a life that is completely orderly, without any contradiction?
  • Order doesn't exist within the field of consciousness.
  • You can only look completely if your mind is quiet.
  • Is there something which is not put together by the mind, by thought, by imagination? Is there something which is not measurable, which man has been seeking for thousands and thousands of years?
  • Q: If I am free of fear and my mind is quiet, would I be looking for anything?
  • What is the machinery that forms the image?
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