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Observation is the total denial of analysis   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Public Talk in Ojai

Sunday, May 4, 1980

  • Observation is entirely different from analysis. Observation is immediate: you see the tree. If you begin to analyse you don't see the tree.
  • Analysis implies the analyser analysing something outside of himself. If you observe very carefully, the analyser is the analysed.
  • How do you observe conflict?
  • What is the thing that is hurt? Is it your psyche, or basically the image that you have built about yourself?
  • Knowledge can never be complete. Whatever psychological knowledge one has acquired, it is surrounded by the shadow of ignorance.
  • Thought has built the world, technologically, psychologically, and the world of mischief, turmoil, anxiety, fear and destruction. What is the nature of thinking?

Series: Ojai 1980

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