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Need for Security   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Conversation with Bohm, Hidley and Sheldrake in Ojai

Saturday, April 17, 1982

  • Third Discussion with Drs. Bohm, Hidley & Sheldrake
  • Why do we want security?
  • Am I separate from the agony I go through?
  • When one is frightened, actually, there is no me separate from fear.
  • The whole content of one's consciousness is unclear, messy. There is no part of it that is clear. We think there is a part, which is the observer, separating himself from the mess. The observer is the observed.
  • When there is observation that consciousness is messy, that fact can only exist when there is total attention. And when there is total attention, confusion doesn't exist anymore. It is only inattention that creates the problems.
  • If I know how to read myself I don't need anybody to tell me. But we have never attempted deeply to read the book of myself. I come to you and say, 'Please, help me to read,' and then the whole thing is lost.
  • You must be free to examine. Free from your prejudice, from your previous experience, otherwise you can't examine. You can't investigate. Investigate means explore, push it, push it, further and further. Are you willing to do that, so that actually the self is not?
What is a healthy mind? What is a healthy mind?
What is order? What is order?
In aloneness you can be completely secure In aloneness you can be completely secure
First Public Dialogue in Madras - 1978 First Public Dialogue in Madras - 1978
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