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Meditation and the ending of the self   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Sixth Public Talk in Saanen

Thursday, July 22, 1982

  • What is the relationship between love, isolation and sorrow? What is the relationship of suffering to love?
  • Where there is desire, the urge to fulfil, will the energy of that desire end sorrow?
  • Our life is a process of cause and effect. The effect becomes the cause and so it is a perpetual chain. Can one live without a cause?
  • Is it possible to live in this world without a cause and without isolation?
  • Why are human beings trapped in organised religions?
  • Is there a freedom from the content of our consciousness?
  • Meditation is the ending of the self, the 'me', which is love.

Series: Eight Public Meetings in Saanen - 1982

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