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Look at the human being, not the word   

December, 1978

  • School Discussion (Students) 5
  • Why do you think the mind should be kept quiet?
  • Can you look at the mountain without naming it?
  • The word is not the thing. When the word comes in between the observer and the observed, it distracts.
  • Identification prevents you from looking at a human being.
  • Can you observe your mind chattering?
  • If you separate yourself from anger, then you try to control, suppress or run away from it; but if you are that, the very thing that you have been calling anger changes completely.
  • What is a habit?
  • Why is the mind frightened or bored when it is not chattering?
  • The word is never the thing. I can paint a picture of that hill but the painting is not the hill.
  • © 1978 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

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