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Living with love   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Public Talk at Claremont College, California

Sunday, November 17, 1968

  • Speaking about the actuality of life and love, Krishnamurti's intimate words reflect the wisdom and insight of this talk: What is living? Not what should be living, not what is the purpose of living; not, what is the significance of living, not what is the principle upon which life should be based, not what is the goal of living,but actually what is living as it is now, as it is in our daily life . . . life is serious, and in that seriousness there is great laughter. Krishnamurti continues this discussion with the topic of love. He states that love is not sentiment or emotion. He also says that love is not pleasure and asks us the following question,"If you loved your children with your heart, not with your shoddy little minds, do you think there would be a war tomorrow?

Series: Krishnamurti Talks with American Students – 68

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