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Living with death    Transcript 

Conversation with Pupul Jayakar at Brockwood Park

Sunday, June 7, 1981

  • Conversation 2 with Pupul Jayakar
  • What is ending?
  • The mind cannot enter into a totally new dimension if there is a shadow of memory of anything.
  • If the movement of thought ends, consciousness as we know it is not.
  • Thought is the enemy of compassion.
  • Q: What significance has death?
  • I meet the Buddha. He has told me very carefully: be a light to yourself. So that truth is with me, it is the seed that is flowering in me. So if he goes away, the seed is flowering. But what is important is that seed of truth which has been planted by my alertness, awareness, intense listening. That seed will flower.
  • Have we, in this dialogue, seen the meaning of death, the extraordinary beauty of ending something?
What should I do to understand K's message fully? What should I do to understand K's message fully?
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