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Knowledge, sorrow, death, and to be free of the content of consciousness   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Public Talk at Brockwood Park

Saturday, September 5, 1981

  • Any action born of knowledge must be incomplete, and from that incompleteness all our problems arise.
  • Is knowledge suffering, and when there is suffering is it at all possible to have love?
  • Can we stop the whole movement of escape?
  • The very word 'sorrow' colours the fact of sorrow, the pain of it.
  • I have collected so much this life, so many pictures, furniture, land. I have cultivated my brain through education, through study, through experience and travelled a great deal. If I die, what is the point of it all?
  • Consciousness is common to all of us. It is not mine or yours, it is common ground, on which humanity stands.
  • If you let the whole content be wiped away by insight you have contributed to consciousness an enormous amount. You have brought a totally new dimension into consciousness. And what you have brought is so colossally important because you have brought real freedom from sorrow to man.
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