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Is time necessary to end something psychologically?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Public Talk in Ojai

Thursday, May 8, 1980

  • It is not your brain or a particular individual's brain, it's the brain of mankind. That brain has functioned in various patterns: fear, pleasure and reward or punishment. Is it possible to go beyond these patterns?
  • Are you depending on others -- the church, politics, gurus -- to change or bring about order in yourself?
  • We are responsible for the disorder that exists in the world. This disorder is created by thought.
  • Why has thought brought about marvellous medicine and also created wars and destroyed human beings?
  • How will you meet violence?
  • Is it possible to end your hatred and jealousy immediately, so that the brain has broken the pattern and can think, act and observe totally differently?

Series: Ojai 1980

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