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Is there a meditation that is not brought about by thought   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Fourth Public Talk in Bombay

Sunday, February 10, 1985

  • Are we wasting our life?
  • Why has the brain separated living and death?
  • The self, the ‘me’, the ego, the persona, is a bundle of complicated ancient and modern memories.
  • Is there a holistic way of living in which there is living and dying all the time taking place?
  • Love is not put together by thought, therefore it is not within the structure of the brain.
  • The brain is an instrument of sensation and nervous responses, and love cannot exist where there is mere sensation.
  • Memory is not love.
  • What is religion? Is there something beyond all time and thought?
  • Is there a meditation that is not put together by desire, will or effort?
  • When you listen to sound, the very listening is the silence. Silence and sound are not separate.
  • That benediction is where you are.
  • © 1985 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

Series: That benediction is where you are

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