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Inward flowering   

December, 1979

  • School Discussion 5
  • Summary:
  • Is each one of us in this small community flowering?
  • Why is thought in itself limited?
  • You have identified yourself with a small group. Why don’t you identify yourself with the total human being, all the human beings in the world?
  • Can love be cultivated by thought?
  • Can you be totally empty in yourself, without being absorbed by the mountain, cloud, tree, the sound of a bird or the beauty of the land?
  • Ideas, ideals and religions are your toys and take you over. The moment they are questioned or disturbed, you are back to yourself and frightened.
  • When mechanical thought stops, there is something other.
  • Where there is beauty or love there is total absence of mischievous thought.
  • © 1976 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
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