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In aloneness you can be completely secure   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Fourth Conversation with Dr. Bohm and Dr. Shainberg at Brockwood Park

Wednesday, May 19, 1976

  • Small Group Discussion 4
  • Do human beings not radically transform themselves because they are really frightened not to belong to a group, to something definite? Are they afraid to stand completely alone?
  • To be alone implies not to carry the burden of tradition with you. Tradition being knowledge. To be alone implies total freedom.
  • Alone is all one, when there is no fragmentation. That is total order.
  • Can we step out of the stream of this utter confusion, disorder, sorrow, hope, travail, and despair?
  • Our whole society, all religion, all culture is based on thought. Does thought realize it has made this mess, this chaos? Is thought aware of itself as a movement, which brings about a fragmentary action?
  • When the movement of thought comes to an end, there is total action.
  • When you are faced with fact, there is no fear.

Series: The Transformation of Man

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