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Images and consciousness   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Sixth Conversation with Dr Bohm & Dr Shainberg at Brockwood Park

Thursday, May 20, 1976

  • Small Group Discussion 6
  • What will bring about a radical transformation in the total consciousness of human beings?
  • Right relationship begins with the realization of the responsibility I have for myself.
  • Is the observer different from that which is observed? If there is a difference between the observer and the observed there is division, and therefore conflict.
  • My consciousness is the consciousness of the world because it is filled with the things of thought sorrow, fear, pleasure, despair, attachment. In that state you cannot have any relationship with any human being.
  • When there is no movement of thought, which is the image-making, what then takes place? When there are none of the things that create division, what comes into being?

Series: The Transformation of Man

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