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Ideas have divided people   

December, 1984

  • What do we mean by social change?
  • Our brain is conditioned by so-called culture. That conditioning has given us a personal attitude and outlook. We are questioning whether the individual exists at all.
  • If love is the opposite of hate, then it is not love.
  • Human consciousness is shared by all of us. It is not your consciousness or my consciousness it is human consciousness. Therefore, psychologically we are not individuals.
  • There must be a radical, fundamental mutation in the consciousness of man, which is where the crisis is.
  • Question everything to find out what truth is.
  • Nationalism is creating war.
  • To explore we must put aside our experiences, knowledge and conditioning.
  • Why do we believe?
  • Be aware, choicelessly, that you are conditioned.
  • Note: a total of 22 minutes and 3 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.
  • © 1984 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
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