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How shall I help the child to understand the problem of conditioning?   

Friday, February 25, 1977

  • 1st Discussion with Staff and Parents in Ojai, 25 Feb 1977
  • These schools should produce a totally different kind of human being, not American, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, but unconditioned human being, if it is possible.
  • Where there is authority in schools politically or otherwise, there is the destruction of a mind flowering.
  • Can I have such relationship with the student that both of us are learning, both of us are trying to understand the non-mechanistic way of living?
  • Can there be respect in the school, not out of fear but out of care, affection, love, compassion?
  • Will you help me, as student, to see the psychological danger of knowledge?
  • What do we mean by security?
  • At the school will you give the sense that the student is protected, secure, like a marvelous tree that is secure in the wind?
  • I care enormously for the child. I care intensely that he should be unconditioned. Which means that I am conditioning myself.
  • Are you giving your whole attention to the question of conditioning?
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