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Goodness Only Flowers in Freedom    Transcript 

First Conversation with Father Eugene Shallert

Thursday, February 17, 1972

  • First Conversations with Eugene Schallert of the Society of Jesus
  • Freedom is the negation of being conditioned by any culture, religious or political division.
  • Religion is the only factor that unifies man not politics, economics -- instead of bringing man together religions have separated man.
  • Is reality or truth to be approached through any particular religion?
  • Harmony is not possible if there is any form of division, inside or outside.
  • What is the source of this division as me and you, we and they, politically and religiously?
  • Is it possible to completely empty the mind of the "me"?
  • Reality cannot flower if the "me" is there.
  • How is the content to be emptied with one stroke?
  • The very perceiving is the act of emptying.

Series: Goodness Only Flowers in Freedom

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