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Fourth Conversation with Young People in Amsterdam 1969   

Thursday, May 15, 1969

  • 4th Conversation with young people in Amsterdam, May 15,1969
  • In the last of four discussions with young people in Amsterdam J. Krishnamurti recaps the earlier discussion about the nature of criticism before moving the theme along to inquire "'What is fear?'. And then, "'is it possible ever to be completely free of fear? Fear at the conscious level and also at the deeper levels of ones own being. There are several kinds of fears and psychological fears.' He points out that much of the root of fear is in our conditioning but is that intelligence; the essential need for self-protection? The distinction is between our rational fears and the irrational ones; the purely psychological ones nevertheless real fear comes from our remembrance of the past. From this, J' Krishnamurti moves onto explore the nature of imagination itself a component of fear, and then to ask what is conscious thought... Thus begins a journey for these young people into previously unknown areas of human thought.

Series: Nine Public Meetings in Amsterdam - 1969

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