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First Question and Answer in Madras - 1981 - On Corrupt Society, Mind, Brain...   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Question and Answer Meeting in Madras

Tuesday, January 6, 1981

  • First Question and Answers Meeting
  • Full series :
  • Q1: Your appeal to stand up against the corrupt society like a rock protruding from the mid-stream of the river, confuses me deeply.
  • Q2: You often switch over from mind to brain. Is there any difference between them?
  • Q3: Even though I could understand K's words, the message remains vague. What shall I do to understand his message fully?
  • Q4: Is there really such a thing as transformation? What is it to be transformed?
  • Q5: You say that one individual can transform the world. In spite of your sincerity, the world has gone from bad to worse. Is there such a thing as destiny?
  • Q6: Can a teacher inculcate certain decent behavior in poverty-stricken children who are in need of true education?
  • Q6: What is the source of thought? How does one go to the very source of thought so that there is a possibility of silencing the thinking process itself?

Series: Eight Public Meetings in Madras - 1981

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