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First Public Question and Answer in Saanen - 1981   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Question and Answer Meeting in Saanen

Wednesday, July 29, 1981

  • Q1: What do you mean by insight? Does it differ from intuition?
  • Q2: How can the idea of 'you are the world' and 'you are responsible for the whole of mankind' be justified on a rational, objective, sane basis?
  • Q3: Why do you say that psychological time is the source of conflict and sorrow?
  • Q4: The term you use, psychological time, is difficult to comprehend.
  • Q5: How does one draw the line between knowledge which must be retained and which is to be abandoned? What is it that makes the decision?
  • Q6: Intellectually we understand that the observer is the observed. What is necessary to go beyond this intellectual acceptance?

Series: The Turning Point

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