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First Public Question and Answer in Ojai - 1984   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Public Question and Answer Meeting in Ojai

Tuesday, May 22, 1984

  • Q1: I understand that all people have a similar consciousness, but it seems a vast jump to say that all people share the same consciousness.
  • Q2: Have you designated a special teacher or a person to carry on your teachings after you have gone? Someone is claiming this position.
  • Q3: What is observing thought down to its very roots? I watch my thoughts, one leads to another in an endless chain. What ends this? What brings change?
  • Q4: Please explain what you mean by saying that if one perceives truth and doesn't act, it acts as poison.
  • Q5: Why is the observance of silence so important for seekers of truth?

Series: Attention is the Flame in which Sorrow Ends

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