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First Public Question and Answer at Brockwood Park - 1981   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Question and Answer Meeting at Brockwood Park

Tuesday, September 1, 1981

  • Q1: You have often said that no one can show the way to truth, yet your schools are said to help their members to understand themselves. Is this not a contradiction? Does it not create an elite atmosphere?
  • Q2: What is it in the human mind that wants to follow a leader, a guru, a system, a belief, be obedient to something?
  • Q3: I am in pain. However I try to meet it I do not come to the totality of the fact. It invariably remains partial and becomes an abstraction, and the pain continues. How can I penetrate the problem without it becoming theoretical?
Why do we suffer? Why do we suffer?
Thought is the beginning of desire Thought is the beginning of desire
Living without images Living without images
Unconditioning the brain cells Unconditioning the brain cells
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