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First Public Question and Answer at Brockwood Park - 1981   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Question and Answer Meeting at Brockwood Park

Tuesday, September 1, 1981

  • Q1: You have often said that no one can show the way to truth, yet your schools are said to help their members to understand themselves. Is this not a contradiction? Does it not create an elite atmosphere?
  • Q2: What is it in the human mind that wants to follow a leader, a guru, a system, a belief, be obedient to something?
  • Q3: I am in pain. However I try to meet it I do not come to the totality of the fact. It invariably remains partial and becomes an abstraction, and the pain continues. How can I penetrate the problem without it becoming theoretical?
Why do we suffer? Why do we suffer?
The Role Of A Flower The Role Of A Flower
How does understanding take place? How does understanding take place?
The liberation of insight The liberation of insight
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