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First Conversation with Young People in Amsterdam 1969   

Tuesday, May 6, 1969

  • In this first in a series of four discussions with young people in Amsterdam J. Krishnamurti's young questioners start as they mean to go with particularly esoteric query: which can be paraphrased as 'How can we see the astral world?'. Typically, J. Krishnamurti is unfazed by the nebulous nature of the topic and begins his response with the challenge: 'You know the way to see the astral world.' he then goes on to suggest that what the young person really means is to be super-sensitive; to experience extrasensory perception which means to see more than the physical, reading other people's thoughts, thought transference and so on. To achieve this, he says that you need to 'to eat the right kind of food, not smoke, nor drugs, no drink, lead a very regular life, proper exercise, all is implied in this. And lead a very, highly moral life, than perhaps you might be able to see something more, less physical and so on.' The discussion becomes more and more animated, running the gamut of philosophical concepts from disharmony and disorder to global wars and terrorism, the existence of time, the nature of desire and much more besides.

Series: Nine Public Meetings in Amsterdam - 1969

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