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Fifth Public Question and Answer in Saanen - 1980   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Fifth Question and Answer Meeting in Saanen

Sunday, July 27, 1980

  • Q1: How do I educate my child to live a different life without society destroying him?
  • Q2: Can you share something measureless to man, something that has great depth and beauty?
  • Q3: Are there different levels of consciousness?
  • Q4: Is it possible to empty the content of consciousness?
  • Q5: What is our consciousness?
  • Q6: Why is it that almost all human beings, apart from their talents and capacities, are mediocre?
  • Q7: Attachment brings a human warmth; detachment a coldness. Something seems wrong in this approach. What do you say?
  • Q8: Being uncertain we seek certainty through different channels, trusting them. Is there an absolute, irrevocable certainty?
  • Q9: Are there different paths to truth?
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