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Ending Disorder Is the Ending of Death    Transcript 

Second Conversation with Father Eugene Shallert

Thursday, February 17, 1972

  • Second Conversations with Eugene Schallert of the Society of Jesus
  • Inwardly we're all in a state of confusion, that's the common ground of all humanity.
  • Is there an answer when there is real perception?
  • Now I have come upon something which is real, I have watched "what is" and moved from there. It is a living thing.
  • To live you must die, dying every day to all that you have gathered, so that the mind is fresh every day. It is new.
  • I must first understand what it means to live, not what it means to die.
  • Death is perfect order because it is the ending of disorder, and the ending of disorder is to be aware of what is disorder, choicelessly.
  • Then you can find out in that state what is the immeasurable.

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