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Does free will exist?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Discussion with Dr. Bohm, Mr. Narayan and Two Buddhist Scholars at Brockwood Park

Friday, June 23, 1978

  • Discussion 3 with Buddhist Scholars
  • We say free will exists because we can choose between this and that. Apart from material things, why is there choice? Is there an action in which there is no effort of will at all and therefore no choice?
  • Why does thought identify with sensations? Is there duality in identification?
  • How did thought begin in me? Was it handed down by my parents, by education, by environment, by the past? Does the word create the thought or thought creates words?
  • Why does thought enter into action? Is there an action which is complete, total, whole, not partial?
  • Can you see someone as a whole being? Then there is love.

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