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Do we see the importance of the radical transformation of the human mind?   

December, 1976

  • School Discussion (Teachers) 6
  • Q: How can one get across the essence of these teachings without the student becoming rigid and getting a very fixed concept of what it’s about, and acting out of that and becoming narrow?
  • Why do we make everything into ideas and conclusions?
  • Learning is a constant process.
  • How shall we cultivate this intelligence?
  • I feel very strongly that the students should radically change psychologically – that’s my chief concern, commitment and passion. They should be totally different human beings.
  • Is this a passion for you?
  • Do we see the absolute necessity of radical change in the human mind?
  • Students go to schools and colleges and are conditioned. If they can condition students, I don’t see why we can’t uncondition them here – which may be much more difficult.
  • Note: a total of 23 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.
  • © 1976 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
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