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Death   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Conversation with Buddhist Scholars at Brockwood Park

Thursday, June 28, 1979

  • Discussion 2 with Buddhist Scholars
  • Q: Is there life after death?
  • When the body dies the desires, the anxieties, the tragedies and the misery go on. They go on contributing to the vast common stream in which mankind lives. Each of us is representative of the whole of that stream.
  • By inquiring into the whole nature of suffering can one end it and be out of the stream? The free inquiry into suffering is insight. As long as I accept any authority, Buddhist or otherwise, can there be insight?
  • For the man who is no longer a manifestation of the stream, intelligence, love and compassion are operating.
  • Q: How do you discriminate between mindfulness, awareness and attention?

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