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Death, Leaving the Stream   

December, 1997

  • Death is the central fact of our lives.
  • We may push it away, forget it temporarily, or fear it endlessly.
  • The accumulations of a lifetime, the loves, the despair, the anguish, the possessions we have acquired, are all part of the stream of our lives.
  • We live in that stream of the me, the mine, our whole lives, and, at death, do we cast it all away or sink again into the endless stream of the ego, the me and mine?
  • Is it possible to step out of the stream of our lives, so that when death comes - through illness, accident, old age - one has already moved out of the chaos of life and into a shining clarity?
  • We are like the rest of the world. It is a vast endless river. And when we die we'll be like the rest, moving in the same stream as before, when we were living. But the man who understands himself radically, who has resolved all the problems in himself psychologically, he is not of that stream. He has stepped out of it.
  • Death is now, when there is no time, when there is no 'me' becoming something, when there is no self-interest, egotistic activity -- which is all the process of time. So living and dying are together always. And you don't know the beauty of it.
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