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Creation comes out of meditation   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Colloquium 'Creativity in Science' in Los Alamos (usa) National Laboratory

December, 1984

  • Scientists Disc.
  • Summary:
  • Q: What is meditation and how is it related to creativity?
  • What is desire?
  • Q: If I give complete attention to sensation, will I burn out desire?
  • Q: What happens to one’s self-image if one changes the society?
  • Q: How can we help watchfulness to be strong enough to see?
  • What is concentration? What is attention?
  • Q: If you were a director of the laboratory with responsibility for the defence of the country, how would you direct the activities of the laboratories and research?
  • Note: an unknown amount of footage is missing in the original recording, starting at 1h 2m.​
  • © 1984 Los Alamos National Laboratory (with permission)

Series: Creativity in science

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