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Cosmic order   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Tenth Conversation with David Bohm at Brockwood Park

Saturday, June 7, 1980

  • Conversation with D. Bohm 10
  • Is there an order which is not man-made?
  • Can the brain ever be free from the impositions, pressures, wounds, bruises, all the trivialities of existence?
  • Time is my whole existence. I take refuge in the past, which cannot be changed. Why does the brain accept this way of living, and why doesn't it break it down?
  • As long as I have my roots in the past there cannot be order.
  • If the universe is not of time, can the mind which has been entangled in time, unravel itself and so be the universe?

Series: The Ending of Time

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