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Can you be free of the image?   

December, 1979

  • School Discussion (Students)
  • Summary:
  • When the mind and the eye come together instantly you will have an extraordinary quality of attention.
  • Thought is the movement of words and symbols.
  • Knowledge can never be complete, so thinking is never complete.
  • What happens when you do something from very limited knowledge?
  • What shall we do to be free of hurt?
  • As long as you have an image, it is going to be hurt. How can you be free of the image?
  • Society, parents, grandparents, friends, condition you.
  • You have been educated and have lived with ideas and not with facts.
  • Note: a total of 4 minutes and 5 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.
  • © 1979 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

Series: Begin to learn how to learn

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