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Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Public Talk in Ojai

Saturday, May 3, 1980

  • We have conflict, outwardly and inwardly. Unless we resolve this conflict, humanity is going to destroy itself.
  • We are investigating our own brain, not the brain according to psychologists and neurologists. If you examine according to the authority, it is the authority you are examining and not your brain.
  • Can conflict end immediately? When it doesn't end, when you have not the urgency of ending it immediately, you enter time.
  • Society can only be changed if human beings who have created it change themselves.
  • How does each one of us approach this crisis?
  • The approach to the fact matters. Is your approach rational or irrational? Is your approach based on hope or desire? If it is, you are not free to observe the fact.

Series: Ojai 1980

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