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Can the brain transform itself?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Public Talk at Brockwood Park

Sunday, August 31, 1980

  • Can the brain change itself completely?
  • Doubt purges the mind.
  • Desire has significance and vitality only when thought creates the image.
  • Insight can only take place when knowledge has come to an end and there is merely pure observation, without any direction.
  • Is it possible to live together without a single image?
  • Can there be discontent by itself, or is it always associated with something?
  • Can the mind be free of all comparison?
Understanding, Not Controlling, Desire Understanding, Not Controlling, Desire
Beyond the Man-Made Mind Beyond the Man-Made Mind
Are you aware of the structure of yourself? Are you aware of the structure of yourself?
Fear Destroys Love Fear Destroys Love
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