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Can one know oneself completely?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Public Talk at Brockwood Park

Saturday, September 1, 1979

  • Can we know ourselves completely?
  • Most of us are frightened of not being completely secure physically. Why? Is it because we are always isolating ourselves as a nation, as a family, as a group?
  • How do you observe fear? For most of us the observation takes place after it has happened. We are asking whether it is possible to observe fear as it arises.
  • Recognition does not free the mind from fear, it only strengthens the fear.
  • Is thought, which is time, the root of fear?
  • Thought takes over an incident that is over, remembers it and pursues it. The pursuit is the pleasure. Why does thought do this?
  • What is sorrow?
  • When you climb a mountain you have to leave all your furniture behind, all your problems, because you can't carry the furniture that you have collected up the hill. Let go and you will discover that there is a quality of mind, being absolutely free, that is able to perceive that which is eternal.

Series: On Being Conditioned

Does free will exist? Does free will exist?
Why is it that almost all human beings are mediocre? Why is it that almost all human beings are mediocre?
Are we here in ourselves? Are we here in ourselves?
Living with Ourselves as We Are Living with Ourselves as We Are
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