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Can I strip myself of the network of language?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Public Talk at Brockwood Park

Saturday, August 26, 1978

  • Action based on a past conclusion, however right, however worthy, is still from the past and therefore still limited in terms of time.
  • Is there an action totally devoid of time?
  • One must be free of knowledge to have immediate perception.
  • Why do human beings live constantly in a state of fear?
  • Thought is a movement based on past memories, past experiences, past knowledge.
  • Can you look at fear, the actual sensation, without the word?

Series: The Movement of Desire

Time, Sorrow, Death Time, Sorrow, Death
Ideas have divided people Ideas have divided people
The ending of continuity The ending of continuity
Life is a movement of relationship Life is a movement of relationship
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