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Can I completely change at the very root?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Third Conversation with Dr. Bohm & Dr. Shainberg at Brockwood Park

Tuesday, May 18, 1976

  • Small Group Discussion 3
  • Why do human beings live in such appalling misery, accepting it for millennia?
  • Is it possible for a human being to change at the very root of his being?
  • Who is going to tell me? Is it Marx, Lenin, Mao, the Pope, or the local priest? Authority exists because human beings are in disorder. In the rejection of authority I become very sane. When I reject authority I have more energy.
  • What is correct action in life? I can only find that out if there is no disorder in me. 'Me' is the disorder. However 'real' the 'me' is, it is the source of disorder.

Series: The Transformation of Man

Why is it that almost all human beings are mediocre? Why is it that almost all human beings are mediocre?
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