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Can Fear Be Completely Wiped Away?   

Sunday, June 24, 1984

  • This conversation has a light and open quality that belies the depth and subtlety of its subject and its far-reaching content. Beginning with the seeming inconsistency between work and play, the conversation proceeds to dig deeply into questions of living, dying and loving.
  • Ronald Eyre (1929-1992) was a theatre and television director, actor and writer who held a long-standing interest in theology and religion.
  • I am forced to concentrate in the office and the job forces me to distraction.
  • Distraction is not the same as play. There is a cycle of fear.
  • Do we do anything that we love? Am I afraid of life?
  • What is death, ending? You cannot look at something with your whole attention if there is an idea about what it should be.
  • Why is there a tremendous craving inwardly? What is the relationship between love and death?
  • What is the root of fear? Why does thought enter into the realm of the psyche?
  • What is creation that is not born out of knowledge?

Series: Krishnamurti on Fear

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