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As a human being caught in the structure of society what is right action?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Seminar in Madras

Wednesday, January 3, 1979

  • Seminar
  • Summary:
  • Is it possible to bring about a deep psychological revolution?
  • Human beings in their interrelationship have created this society. Can that interrelationship be transformed?
  • Can thought be transformed?
  • Who are the people who are going to change the system?
  • As a human being, caught in this structure, capitalist or socialist, what is my right action?
  • Our minds are conditioned to evolution. Is there a different approach to this problem?
  • We think together when there is a tremendous crisis such as war. That is thinking about. Let us think together, not about something.
  • Note: Poor picture and audio quality from original recording
  • © 1979 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
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