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Are you aware of the structure of yourself?   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

First Public Dialogue at Brockwood Park

Tuesday, August 29, 1978

  • What is the need of a human mind, brain, to register anything at all?
  • Are you really serious to find out the necessity of registration and the inadequacy psychologically of any form of registration? If you say belief is a danger then why do you hold on to it?
  • When you are very clear, there is no need for choice. A mind that is confused chooses.
  • There is no relationship whatsoever between awareness and faith. Faith is not a fact, it is a belief.
  • You don't want to climb the mountain, which is arduous, which demands that you carry little. This demands that you work, that you look.
  • Find out what actually takes place when the structure observed is the observer himself.

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