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Are we here in ourselves?   

Thursday, April 20, 1978

  • In the second of a series of talks at Wolf Lake School, J. Krishnamurti opens by asking his audience, are we here, in ourselves and in our work as teachers, educators, as a stepping stone to further things? This question is important, he says, because, "'This is a temporary abode, a temporary state and from here move to a higher level or further away. I think we ought to answer this question because if we are going to create a school of this kind together we must be very clear what our intentions are. Not for a short period but for the entire of our life. I think we ought to be clear on that matter. Because if we are using this as a merely a stepping stone to further higher away from here then that has quite its own movement.' He says that if their intention is to create a school together they (and he) will face an uphill struggle. He goes on to talk about when he started up his schools in India (of which he was the Head) in the Rishi Valley. They had no lighting, no electricity, no water, in fact no convenicences at all and the staff and pupils went to bed with the sun and got up with the sun. But they were a dedicated and determined group so they slept on the floors and went through enormous difficulties - yet the school grew from that dedicated few people to a 'great big affair' with three hundred students, plans for teacher training and four hundred acres of grounds. He goes on to talk about the other schools in India and how their experience relates to the challenges of setting up something similar in Canada.

Series: Three Public Talks in Wolf Lake School - 1978

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