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All time is contained now   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Second Public Talk at Rajghat

Tuesday, November 19, 1985

  • What is beauty ?
  • What happens to you at that moment when you look at the grandeur, the majesty of those mountains -- what do you feel? Do you for the moment, or for a few minutes, exist at all?
  • The division in the world.
  • What is desire, and why does it dominate us?
  • Can sensation not be caught by thought?
  • When there is time in between sensation and thought, an interval, you'll understand the nature of desire.
  • What is the source of fear?
  • All time -- the past, the present, the future -- is contained now.
  • Do you see the importance that if there is no mutation now, today, you'll be exactly the same tomorrow?

Series: As long as there is a meditator there is no meditation

What will make us change? What will make us change?
Do you see the importance of not being frightened? Do you see the importance of not being frightened?
Observing ourselves Observing ourselves
What is love? What is love?
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