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A Light to Onself   

Sunday, March 19, 1972

  • In the second of four meetings in Santa Monica, J. Krishnamurti begins by recapping the thrust of the previous discussion, which is that in a world that is so insane and confused, where there are so many religious leaders and political politicians, where there is so much violence, sorrow and a sense of utter despair, it seems natural that one should become a light to oneself; and it is possible only when we understand our conditioning and go beyond it. He talks about the contrast between our outer existence in which we are concerned with having a job, paying our taxes, even conscription... On the other hand, "'inwardly, we want to live a different kind of life, separated from the outer, a life that's fairly peaceful, clear, rational, without too much conflict, and perhaps find something, come upon something which is not corruptible, which is not put together by thought or by a cunning mind.' He demonstrates that we have separated these two parts of our lives to such an extent that we no longer see that they are interrelated. "'... to separate them is another form of insanity, because the more inwardly one is aware, concerned with the understanding of the totality of existence, not a particular segment of it, then that concern, that awareness, brings about an action in the outer which is not contradictory to the inner. So we are asking, is there a total action which will be sane in an insane world, which will be rational in an irrational world, which will bring about order out of confusion, which will give a sense of joy and beauty to existence, which at present has none whatsoever?' Thus begins a series of ever deeper questions that probe the nature of our motivations and of our very existence.

Series: Four Public Meetings in Santa Monica - 1972

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