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A Different Way of Living   J. Krishnamurti Online Transcript 

Thirteenth Conversation with Dr Allan W. Anderson in San Diego

Tuesday, February 26, 1974

  • Thirteenth conversation with Dr. Allan W. Anderson
  • Q: What is living?
  • What actually is existence, living, this whole field of man's endeavour to better himself not only in the technological world but also psychologically?
  • Man wants to be different he wants to be more than he is.
  • Isn't the way we live most impractical an insane way of living destructive with utter indifference to the earth?
  • Is this the way to behave to appreciate the beauty of living? Is there a way of living without conflict?
  • As a human being am I ever conscious?
  • And what is consciousness?
  • Is consciousness its content?
  • Is death a continuity of that consciousness?
  • Or the ending of consciousness with its content?

Series: A Wholly Different Way of Living

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